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Replacing Fuel Injector

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I've got a Ford Focus 1.6 Econetic 58 plate where my forth (far right) fuel injector has been leaking, and makes the "puffing" noise.

I've managed to get the injector out, clean it with some carb cleaner so it's look better - not perfect. The small washer, and the black rubber one have just come out, but there is some dirt at the bottom of the shaft, and also oil underneath the black seal.

What's the best way to clean them?

Are they are tips/tricks I should be aware of?

Any help would be great as I'm no mechanic and would rather save £100's on a garage bill!

Thanks for reading.





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Picked up some carb cleaner, boy, what great stuff it is! I've cleaned up the injector better and around the seal so it's all clean.

Still need to clean the bottom of the shaft where the copper washer sits, any tips? It's not majorly bad, just light dusting.

I've found the black seal to be an absolute pain to get back in though, I still haven't managed it...any ideas!?

Other than that, ready to assemble it all back and see if it's fixed!

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So I replaced the injector, put it all back to together and started her up. She struggled, then started, but only lasted 5 seconds before dying.

On investigation, now none of my injectors are getting diesel. Any one know what could be causing this issue? I've opened the fuel nut on the injector when starting, but this doesn't work.

I'm reluctant to send to a garage unless I really have to, even with my limited mechanical skills.

Please can someone help?!?

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