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Hi everyone

So my car is due for M.O.T tomorrow so thought id top up fluids. On opening the bonnet I noticed the coolant was EMPTY! Like seriously. So i filled it up and by time I got home it was again empty. Im looking around and there seems to be mostly fluid around these 2 sections. 1 being a bolt on left under the coolant fluid tank, and the other area slightly to its right, which im not sure what that is(I have no knowledge of cars). 

Im wondering if this is a case of something needs tightening? Could I possibly fix it myself, Or is it something more sinister?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Just my luck the day b4 its m.o.t!20170622_182602.thumb.jpg.930b82c8610cde78bc1b1b6afdc800ae.jpg20170622_182539.thumb.jpg.0864e3d70500224fdd277614b2d0c928.jpg20170622_182544.thumb.jpg.70ddbcbc0c0b4d75b5f420408675314e.jpg20170622_182621.thumb.jpg.bb1bfa13d0a9f303449891404ba56948.jpg

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