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Help with error code


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I have my engine management light on with code p2263. My car is a 2006 mk2 2ltr tdci,

 The code directs me to a vacuum hose blockage has any one had this come up and resolved the issue,


Currently having a bad time with the car as in the last two weeks I have had to get the battery changed along with two days later needing to replace the starter motor then another two days later the eml came on with the above code.

So please if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.


Regards Adam 


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Hey mate try this old link pal, I have 1.8tdci and got told few year back my egr was seized up by ford and needed a new one.

i went to clean it out but already clean I just done full oil change decent oil in and stick on bp fuel now not supermarket fuel n runs a dream still on the same egr.

so just bare this in mind case you need garage n they say you need new egr pal.

also with these cars check all the turbo pipes ect for tiny splits that can reduce power also.

and these can be tricky to spot just gotta have good luck under there.

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Well the eml seems to be off and looks like the problem is linked to the guy who changed the starter motor.
Looks like he had disturbed the vacuum hoses and ditached three just around the oil filter housing. So all being well it's sorted.

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