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Hi all,

Hoping you can help. I have a 2014 ford focus which I got last week after previously owning a 2011 fiesta.

I notice the newer fords have this 'Sync' feature now which has confused me a tad. In my fiesta i could just plug an Aux cable in and I could listen to ipods and phones that way (if i chose to).

On my new focus, i cannot do this anymore. I have to have the USB plugged in and the AUX cable or it doesnt want to know. 

Anybody know how I can just use the Aux if i wanted to? Whats the benefits of this new 'Sync' feature??



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The aux port is as you say just a line in so with an 1/8th inch Jack should play an ipod without trouble. 

I don't know if it's the same on a fiesta you had before but in my mk3 you have to repeatedly press the aux button on the dash to cycle through the inputs, USB, aux and bluetooth if enabled...

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