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Hi Everyone!!!


Just bought myself a red edition 140 fiesta over the weekend and been waiting all week to get it. I will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon :biggrin:


Got some serious stuff planned but can't do too much yet to affect insurance as only 17.

Pictures to come..

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Hi Ubetcha yes i will post some - been focused on work at the moment so not had time to get any parts yet :( 


I am wanting to get a remap done pretty soon preferably before Christmas and then each month im going to be buying a new part depending on the car so next month after ive finished pauying for my holiday im going to be getting a k&n filter.


My mate works at miltek so may be able to get a discount there with an exhaust system as i was going to get the ST rear bumper but for what its worht i may aswell keep my original and use use the miltek exhaust system which they designed for the st line fiesta so excited for that to be done as right now the stock BOV is the only nice noise i can hear, i want it to be growly and make a point.


Also getting some moutune yellow springs which will be exiting and looking to spray my calipers (anyone know if its ok to spray them or how would i get them red without ruuining my brake disks?).


Here's some pic of my car, my mates is the mk7 not sure what engine his is though but his does about 75bbhp then mines 140 :P



2017-08-14 12_44_52-IMG_1146.JPG ‎- Photos.png


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