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Help please Smax 08. Wiper blades not turning off, permanently on.

Barnsey 1432

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Help please. I have an Smax08, 1.8 titanium. I had a new detachable towbar fitted 2 weeks ago with vehicle specific wiring. And now the Wiper Blades come on at 25 mph and won't stop, they start too slowdown after awhile but don't stop. They .Do stop when the speed is below 25 mph. Have tried the F22 fuse and this worked. Until I locked the car and the next I used it the wipers fault came back. Any ideas as I am going on holiday  in a weeks time and needed the car. 

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Thanks. I will it a try and update the results.

Regarding wiper issue,  while trying to figure out other issues, I noticed that when c1 clamp on body control module is removed it makes wipers go off and they don't stop until either the battery is disconnected or c1 clamp is put back in place. It may not have anything to do with your issue but try removing the clamp and putting it back on after a while.

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