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New to Ford after being a Honda man for last 7 years


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Hi, i'm Matt, 28 years old from Chesterfield.

Pick up my Ford Focus Titanium 2.0l TDCi on Saturday which i'm excited to get stuck into.

I have one initial question regarding a friends 56 plate ST which has the dual climate control head unit fitted.  He wants to buy my pioneer double din dvd head unit currently fitted with a connect2 kit in my now dead Honda Civic Derv... I have tried to search for a fascia swap product for his particular stock headunit, however we can both only seem to find a fascia for the headunit with turn climate control not with the buttons which run down either side of the Stereo.

I will also be on the lookout for black ST body parts for my titanium, in particular rear diffuser and front lip, then i will be digging into the forum to research my remapping choices along with performance upgrades which will make this already decent motor pull a little stronger!

Currently pulls very similar to what my civic derv used to but you can tell its slightly down on the torque.

Look forward to getting stuck into the forum anyways and possibly some meets in the future!


Pic attached :)


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11 hours ago, zetecshefflass said:

What you studying there ?? You been at Hallam for 7 years ???? Omg achievement oh what xx


Architectural Technology, worst 7 years ever; well the last 3 have been at least... 

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