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Focus v Mondea Comfort


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Pondering between a Focus and Mondeo and how much difference is there in the comfort levels of these two models? Any advice or comments are gratefully received as I do not know anyone with either of these models.

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Hi Kelvin, I used to own a 54 plate Mondeo TDCi estate, I now own a 10 plate 1.6 petrol Focus hatchback, both automatic. As regards comfort, I would say the Mondeo every time despite the age differences between my 2 cars! The Mondeo is a bigger, more expensive more refined car. The Focus is widely criticised on this forum for the various rattles that plague it along with relatively poor sound proofing. The Mondeo was very quiet despite the diesel engine. My Focus is a Titanium, the Mondeo was poverty spec LX but still had things that my newer Focus lacks like electric seat adjustment, push-button ventilation control (not climate control, that came with up-market variants), five speed Durashift Automatic box, (my Focus has old-fashioned but reliable 4 speed torque-converter box). Conversely the Focus has auto-lights (dubious benefit) and auto wipers (ditto) and fog lights (ditto again).

Having said all that, I love the Focus despite the old fashioned engine and gearbox. They're both supposed to be reliable though and I've had nil trouble with either up to now. It's a smaller, more nimble car than the boat-like Mondeo estate. Besides, the 2 litre diesel Mondeo would be totally wrong now I'm retired and don't do the motorway work that it thrives on.

So, good luck, I hope you get some more opinions..

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depends to a degree on what you are used to. My fiesta mk7.5 feels luxurious for comfort and noise compared to my previous mk6.5 fiesta.  But if I had gone to the fiesta mk7.5 from a focus or mondeo I expect the fiesta mk7.5 would seem poor.

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Drove Mondeo mk3's for ten years, then bought a 2009 Focus Titanium two years ago. Even though the Focus is a more modern design, it's sound proofing and ride comfort is inferior to the old Mondeos (in my opinion).

Admittedly I added sound proofing to the doors of the Mondeo to improve the stereo system, but there was quite a difference between the two cars. The Focus is definitely harsher over bumps and potholes too. 

My Focus is called the 'go cart', cos that's how it feels compared to the Mondeos.

Which do I prefer to drive.....actually it's the Focus. Being smaller, it seems more nimble, quicker and just more fun to drive than the big Mondeo! 

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I also prefer my Focus to a Mondeo, that said, I was always amazed at the way the MK4's can get round corners at speed for such a big car.  In terms of ride/cornering they knock the spots of an equivalent age Passat or Insignia.

The MK3 Focus's seem to be a lot quieter inside than the MK2's...although that wouldn't be hard!

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