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Damp Front Passenger Footwell Carpet


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Now the extended Ford warranty has run out, I've recently noticed the front passenger footwell carpet is a bit damp. It's not a lot but water can be seen running down from the passenger footwell heater outlet area. It doesn't seem to have an odour, colour or taste.

As usual, local Ford main dealer not very helpful, but said they could investigate but it could be costly to diagnose! Anyone had this problem? The car is a Mk2.5 Focus ST2.

Many thanks.

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If the water is coming from the heater housing the problem can basically only have 2 causes:

1. The drain hose of the heater housing is blocked. in this case removing the blockage should solve the problem.

2. If the drain hose is not blocked the problem will most likely be caused by leaking seals of the heater housing. Despite being rare this is a known problem of the Focus MK2/MK2.5 heater housing. this problem can be solved by either replacing the complete heater housing or by completely resealing the heater housing. Unfortunately both options are a lot of work. The complete dashboard will have to be removed to have access to the heater housing.

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5 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Not sure I'd want to taste footwell water but the lack of smell or colour means its likely to be just rain water or AC condensation.  Are you using the AC?  Does it happen after rain?  

Yes, I always use the A/C, and no not after any rain.


Thanks JW1982, I'll check for any drain blockages. If not, I'm not looking forward to a "dash-out" as it will never go back correctly - with rattles etc.! I'm surprised Ford main dealer did not know of the known fault even though it is rare!

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Thanks to JW1982
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