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Fiesta 1.4TDCI Clutch Replacement Advice Please


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This ageing 2008 Fiesta MK6 1.4TDCI of mine is now giving me further problems, whereas the clutch has finally decided to give up on me.

I have been trying to source the correct parts for it but keep coming across the question "is this a solid or dual-mass flywheel"? Unfortunately, without stripping it down first, I am unable to find out for sure.

Does anyone know if the flywheel and clutch assembly can be changed from solid to dual-mass and visa-versa?

The reason I ask is that I have located a couple of complete kits, which include the flywheel, and was intending to replace the complete set. If it happens to be the same as the parts fitted then no problem, but if the replacements are the opposite to the currently installed parts, will they fit without any issues?

Anyone else had this issue or have any advice?

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I remember my dad seeing a kit from Ford changing a duel mass flywheel to a single mass. I'm sure the 1.4 and 1.6 TDCI engines come with a single mass flywheel. Need other peoples knowledge just to be certain. I remember reading somewhere about someone saying about fords having stalling issues when setting off at lights and junctions and this is caused by the duel mass flywheel compared to other engines having single mass. This may be a reason also to stick with single mass. 

Don't take my word until others prove this / correct me👍

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Hi Zain611

Yes. I'm reasonably sure that it will be a solid flywheel but, when I've tried to find out in the past, even quoting the registration number and VIN number, no-one can confirm either way. 

Thanks for the advice and we'll see if anyone else has further ideas :icon14:

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I believe  they're not DMF on the 1.4, but your VIN should confirm it at the dealer.

However, if it is don't be tempted to do a solid conversion - as often as not theyre troublesome with unwanted vibes, snatchy take up of drive, accelerated tyre wear.  I've returned a couple of cars to OE for people who've had them fitted and suffered grief.

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