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Mk3 Escort In Need Of Help!!!

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Hi all basically id like to pick all ur brains concerning trying to get my crossflow to run! i had a new rebuild back in febuary and i dropped the engine into my car back then with help from a mechanic he wired up the dizzy and coil and done all the silly bits but we left the rad ect loose just to get the engine started.... however it had alot of trouble trying to start i undertsand it was new and it probably is tight but the compression coming from it is rediculous! i was sort of thinking the starter motor wouldnt have enough beans because it would turn over 2- 3 times then give up all together, since then i left it there due to moving ect.. i have recently started putting time and money back into it, i had a set of bike carbs jetted and a manifold made from bogg brothers, stuck electric fuel pump on and completed all wiring and silly bits i didnt finish bk in febuary e.g rad, fan, fuel pump.... i done all of this yesterday and yet i was still having the same problem, the engine just wasnt turning over quick enough even with a new battery and my mate in hes jeep jumping it also... we checked the plugs they all have spark, theres defo petrol getting to the cylinders as we took the plugs out and could smell it on the tips.. the dizzy as far as i know is right as it was put in by a mechanic even so ive been told it would start with the dizzy out by a few degrees but would just run like crap... i have now come to a brick wall as i dont know what else it could be any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated,

Regards a sad mk3 owner :(

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