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Warranty Confusion/repair Advise

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I bought a 2010 focus last month that still had 6 months remaining of it's 3 year warranty. After driving the car I noticed the following issues:

1) None of the 2x12v Sockets in the car work.

2) The light in the boot compartment doesn't work

3) There is a whistling sound present down the driver's side when reaching speeds of 40 mph+

I rang my local dealer and booked the car in as I explained it was still under warranty. It was only when I turned up that they said none of the above would be covered and I would have to pay. I left at this point.

Assuming they are correct, how can I repair 1) and 2) (I assume 3 will be more difficult)

Is it a fuse/bulb issue?

I have no handbook in the car so wouldn't know which fuse to change.

My car is a 2010 Focus Zetec 1.6 (Petrol).

Many Thanks

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have a look on ebay I bought a manual on there for less than a tenner, genuine ford manual and wallet.

With regards the problems it does sound like a fuse and bulb issue. I believe that the interior light is the same bulb as the boot light, so swap and see if the issue stays or goes. - Answer new bulb - or - wiring issue.

The 12v outlets both run on two different circuits I do believe, so you should check the fuses for both.

Fuse diagram should help you: http://www.autofuseboxdiagram.com/253-2010-ford-focus-fuse-box-diagram/

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save yourself some agro with buying fuses and just swap the fuses with working ones, that should clarify if you need to buy new or look at another area for the problem...

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