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Was going to start a thread asking if anyone else had been experiencing this, but couldnt get on the site to start it.

Been experiencing site issues for about a week now starting with the log out button.

Dunno if this one applies to anyone else or just me but when on my laptop, the log out button stopped working. No matter how many times I'd click it I'd still be logged in. Then I workd out I could log out by clicking onto the sign up page first and then click log out.

Then around the same time the forums decided it didnt like google chrome and I'd just get an error message as it couldnt find the page. So I had to use firefox to use the forums instead.

Then last night it decided it didnt wanna work at all and I just got an error page with firefox too saying summin about a site admin needs to fix it so I couldnt log in all last night either. Was the same story on my phone too.

Was very annoying indeed.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

And whats going mods? Has too many ads been placed so now the sites overloaded?

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From about 8:30pm last night I started having issues.

Have spoken to Steve about it and it was a problem with the database (hence the database driver error). It all seems to be working now, but it is going to be looked into more, a bit later on.

Only affected logged in users, but that obviously meant no-one could post. If you saw the last post times in each forum, they were all before 8:30pm last night, up until around 11am this morning.

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apologies for this... I have a techie looking in to the server problems later today. It was due to an upgrade we done last week and there is either a bug in this version of the software.

I am very aware and i have heightened the monitoring to inform me of any other issues.

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And I thought it was just me :)

I'm using Chrome as well and I noticed that clearing the cache 'seems' to help.

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Im still having issues if I click the 'forums' menu it comes up with the same error page so cant get into the mod room :/

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