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Burning Oil Smell After Hard Acceleration 2008 Fiesta

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Hi all

Bit of advice if possible.

I have a 2008 MK6 Fiesta with just over 17,000 on the clock. Apart from a hesitation problem the car runs fine but it does seem to use a bit of Oil. I did a run to clacton at the weekend and checked the oil before which was around 3/4. A week later i again checked and it was just below the half mark. Im putting casterol 10/40 in which it says on the manual. But Ive noticed that if I accelerate hard I get a sort of burning smell for a few seconds after. There no smoke from the exhaust and definately no oil patches under the car. Ive checked all over the engine bay and its still inmint condition to. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Oh the car is used mostly for shorty journeys during the week with a good run at the weekends if that makes in difference


Jim :)

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Hey Jim are you sure 10/40 is the right grade oil for your fiesta as my fiesta takes 5w/30 as ford recommends this blend using thicker oil can cause damage to the engine

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Hi Jaspal

You might be on to something there. Ill double check now you said that. Is 10/40 a bit thicker then.

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Your rite Jaspal. It does say 5/30 but the net does say you can use 10/40, although many say only in high milage engines. I hope its not done/doing any damage :(

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wont have done any damage, but will tend to use more fuel and may not run as well as it can with thicker oil at that mileage..

have a close look for a minor leak that drips straight onto manifold/downpipe...that could explain light loss of oil and smell of burning..if im right, think oil filter is directly above the downpipe so could be the source of problem...if you reach round the back of the engine, just run your fingers round the rim of the filter [when cold and not running] any oil residue then could have found the fault...dont be tempted to just tighten it as this will often make the problem worse..just fit a new one and change the grade of oil at same time

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Thanks Wase. Got a long run somewhere tomorrow but its due for a service so that will cure the oil, ill have a check for the oil leak to.

many thanks for your replies, ill report back any finding as might help someone else out whos having similar

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