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WARNING 2004 Ranger glow plug fault- change now

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I own a 2004 Ranger XLT. Full service history as well as only 31 100 miles on the clock.

I drove to Spain last month and on my return noticed a knocking noise in the engine that sounded a bit like a loose tappet. Set tappets no difference. I must mention here that there was no reduction in power, no smoke, just this tik tik tik noise around No. 3 cylinder.

Then I noticed that upon start up, the motor runs rough for 2 to 4 seconds then purrs as normal. I decided to check that the glow plugs where all ok as the tappet cover was off and easy to test.

It turns out No. 3 glow plug was faulty. Here's the first shock...Ford want £ 93.00 + vat for ONE !

Forget that, got them for £ 14 each.

When I took the glow plug out, the last 8mm or so of the glow plugs element has the ceramic exposed ( not sleeved in metal ) about 4mm of that broke off and bounced around my No. 3 piston.

So it's head off, sump off, new piston etc......and one hell of a job for a glow plug that broke.

The other three glow plugs all show signs of pitting on this exposed tip but it seems No. 3 won the race.

Change them NOW, the replacement aftermarket ones I got do not have an exposed tip, a much smarter option.

Makes you think doesn't it ?

Anybody have any ideas or come across this before ?


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it would be intresting to see what ford say about them braking after only 31000 miles, imagine if all four broke at once :o

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I purchased my ranger in 2005 in january 2006 it went in for its service of 12,000 miles.

under warranty the the engine was replaced due to 2 plugs braking down. This was a painfull

experience as it took 6 weeks for the to get another engine. Still my fear is still another

glow plug breaking down.

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