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Headlights remain on when in the Off position

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Just got my lovely new S-Max, but the headlights are staying on when the switch is in the Off position. If I switch to sidelights or headlamps they both work fine, just an issue when in the 'Off' position.

Any ideas on how I can correct this? Will it involve going to a Ford dealer or is this something I can do myself?



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10 hours ago, pragmatix said:

Is that staying on permanently or staying on then going off later, the delay can be altered in settings I've got mine set to no delay

To be honest I haven't checked that... I will let you know.. I just thought it wasn't right that the headlight came on straight away when the dial is set to 'Off'.

I will also check for the delay, where is that setting please?

Also just to note on this Zetec we don't have a position for Auto... I have 3 positions - Off, Sidelights, Headlights..

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8 hours ago, Stoney871 said:

Are you sure it isn't just DRL's?

if so they are meant to be on with headlights off.

No it is the headlights. When the dial is set to 'Off' the headlights are on.

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Just left car running for more than 5 mins and the headlights remain on. Checked the  settings and no options around delay or anything. I can’t see any option to change this. Visit to Ford?

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