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Returning after an absence

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Some of you may remember me from around 2015 to early 2016 when I was active on the forums, I had a 2011 plate Ford Fiesta TDCI 1.4.

In September 2016 I then bought a 2.5 year old Mercedes Benz C220 SE Executive saloon, 2.1 litre Bluefficiency model.

It initially served me well, as at the time I was doing many motorway miles as a travelling IT Technician working in schools in Northamptonshire, Brixton and Margate, and volunteering as a Special in the Met.

During this time I was barely active on here, perhaps coming back to FOC once every few months, if that.

I have since moved on and I went full time as a regular PC in August 2017, recently, around Dec/January time my Mercedes kept going into limp mode as the DPF was getting clogged up due to not being able to perform a regen, as I didn't use it much on the motorway, nor at consistent speeds as most of my driving was done in and around town, in stop start traffic.

The DPF Pressure sensor was replaced, however this issue then re-occured at the start of May, so I decided it was time to get rid of a Diesel and move over to a Petrol car.

On Sunday morning I test drove a 2017 plate Ford Focus ST-2 247BHP Petrol in Deep impact blue, which I have since purchased, I am collecting it tomorrow after work having part exchanged my mercedes.

I will admit, I was surprised at how powerful it was, a little nudge of the accelerator and you really do "get going"!

Just thought it would be good to say hi again after a period of absence.

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