code 2nd spare key to Focus

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I have a 2001 Ford Focus TDI. I bought it with only one key. I bought a new fob (the bit with the buttons) from Ford and I got a new key cut. Does anyone know how I can code this 2nd key to work with my car if I lose my existing key? Thanks

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If you only have 1 known key to the vehicle this has to be done by a Ford dealer using IDS. if you have 2 known keys then you can do it yourself, buy putting the first key in the ignition and turning from off to on and back to off and remove the key, do the same for the second known key, and then again for the non prog 3rd key,(no more then 10 secs betwween removing the keys) leave for a few seconds then all 3 keys will start. You then need to prog the central locking by putting the fobbed key in and turning from off to on 4 times and you will hear a chime, remove the key and press anyone of the buttons on the fob and it will chime again. re-insert the keys and turn off to on and this is all done.

Good luck

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