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faint traces of yellow goo...


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Took my oil cap off today and noticed faint traces of yellow goo on the inside of the cap and the filling tube (very faint) coolant color and level is fine (to the max) and dipstick color is normal, i know this is a symptom of a failing head gasket but is there anything else it could be??

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1 hour ago, TomsFocus said:

It's not unusual if you do a lot of short runs, the oil doesn't get hot enough to burn off the condensation.

thanks mate, ive had it out again since my post and checked the cap from cold and its fine so im certainly hoping (praying) its condensation lol thanks again tom, you've been a massive help to me over the past few months, i wish you a merry xmas


P.S. can you believe that the 'noise' was infact the effing HEATSHIELD!!! 😮 3 inspections at a garage and it took Me to jack the car up and pull it around to hear it tinging around lol

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