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Mk 1 door locks

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A friend has a 2008 Mark 1 Ka and the outside driver's door lock has stopped working - a common fault I believe ?

As our local Fraud dealer wanted £106+vat for a new one, I've ordered a new barrel and key off Ebay for £8 instead and will be fitting it in around 10 days when it arrives, but looking on Youtube it says that a plate which is held on with 2 rivets has to be drilled off first which allows access to the barrel inside the door. Is this correct or can it be accessed without ??

Also, I am assuming that the new key does NOT have a transponder inside and will merely manually open the door and operate the central locking ??

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The new locks arrived yesterday and I've just fitted them...the 2 rivets did need drilling out to access the lock and there was some sealant that needed cutting through as well but the job, although a bit fiddly, was relatively straight forward. The new key does NOT haver a transponder but operated the central locking ok.

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