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Intermittent stalling and car refusing to srart


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Hi all first post and looking for answers for a friend.

It's a MK2 focus 1.6 petrol.

Car started off with ignition problems. Juddering and so in. Change of sparks, leads and ignition coil cleared this for a week or so.

Then the car started stalling and would originally start, but the issue started getting worse. Car then stalled and wouldn't start, the car got rowed by recovery then to garage claiming was just a relay (I don't think it was changed) they got charged for repair. They too charged for a new coil pack although was changed a week before saying there were faults in it ( I didn't clear fault code I'm sure would have already been there so think it was pointlessly changed) car come back worked for an hour and stalled again, again wouldn't start, a new pump was fitted, so too clutch as had just gone) car back an hour later the same happened. Again towed to same garage and crank shaft sensor was changed. Car ok again apart from juddering like it did before coil was changed. 

The same has happened again, car juddering, it stalled this time after going over a bump. Inertia switch is down.

Car once again not starting, leave it over night it will start again.

Currently can't test for fault codes but any of you have any ideas? 

It seems the garage isn't fault diagnosing but just replacing parts.

After clutch was done, was told car steering felt heavier yet brakes spongeier.

Any help is appreciated, any questions you have I'll answer as best as I can, I hope the description is good enough.


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Only flagged engine management light when missfire, (solved this with new coil pack) other wise no no warning lights or issues, car runs just fine, just suddenly stalls then now refusing to start, leave it over night and it will seem to start.

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