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I purchased my new EcoSport March2018 and I was pleased with the enthusiasm about the new sync 3 info

However, within a week I was back saying that the maps were not working fully the salesman said no problem just needs a few changes in the settings after 45 mins he said I don’t know why but I agree there’s a problem

Over the last year the car has been into the service department multiple times for a week and a fortnight for re-sets /updates all to no effect .They say that I am not alone and that they have quite a few other customers with similar faults  and that there is an update coming about September last  then they agree to swop the unit for one from a demo car but then said that it could not be done after another week but the update was coming end of February .

Well surprise surprise no update. I was now getting so frustrated and cross I said take the car back its not acceptable .Then they put me onto customer service's they were great sympathized with everything and said that engineering said they excepted the faults and the update will fix everything maybe coming end of May ( assume this year) and they would keep me informed . They Have phoned back several times but still say tech do not have a firm date for the update. I asked the question what if the fix is released and still doesn’t fix the problem. We’re not technical was the reply.

The faults are in part satnav doesn’t have GPS most of the time .it suddenly shows me I’m in a field some 1/2mile away and that my arrival to wherever will be some 2 hrs longer , Blank screen ,No speed limits shown ,the system doesn’t always load from usb input from phone on either input software frequently Phone wont connect or drops out   maybe you get the idea .But really some of the faults can be quite dangerous .

Anyone had the same probs and got better results I'm at loss to know what to do next Friends say I have a write to give it back for refund not being of full saleable condition.

Surely if my garage has some 30 customers with these problems ther must be many more out there.

Addendum    My daughters Sync 2 had to be exchanged this year on her focus £1400 but Free of charge and a friend who is very much in the know working at fords in the computer side agreed that it is strange that All ford will say it’s a software problem and not hardware  Lastly if say 95 % of cars sold have a correctly functioning system with the same software installed surely the problem must surely be in the hardware ?

 ny help or advise would be welcome


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Hi Keith, you're far from alone - just try searching "Sync 3" and you'll see several threads in every model forum, very long thread on Fiesta Mk 8 for example. 

Common issues are no GPS, screens freezing, difficulty updating (supposed to update via Wi-Fi but that doesn't operate in UK), etc, etc. Some members have had some form of compensation via their dealers, but no cure seems to be forthcoming from Ford who don't seem to know what the problem is. Forthcoming updates have been mentioned to me and others, though my dealership still had no news when my car was last in the workshop in March.

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Current Sync3 updates are on Fords website dependent on your VIN however regarding  F8 map update I had an Email from Ford CRC yesterday to tell me that their technical department have no date for when it will now be released but it will be discussed including all the customer complaints at a meeting next week whatever that is supposed to signify.

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