AC/clima working slow in hot days

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since a couple of years i have problems with the AC giving cold air. Went in service couple of times but besides refilling the system they didn't found anything.

And it looks like it's taking longer to cool as before. A service guy explained me that's normal to take some time as it must cool down the air and the compressor needs time, but i asked colleagues with other models and they said on there is fast (after 1-2-3 minutes), on mine it takes 15-20 minutes and i'm driving in this time.

So i started to search the net on how is actually done the hole system, pipes, compressor, air capture .... and no luck.

So any help in pointing to documentation and behavior is appreciated.

Ah what's the car 🙂 Focus Mk3 build in 2014, hatchback, 1.6L benzine



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The Mk3 AC is fast, much more aggressive than in Mk4. It should start to blow cold air in less than 30 seconds.

Take it to a proper AC professional, many firms seem to know only how to refill and do a leak test.

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