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Car Speaker Systems

Jack Sheppard

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Hi there, 

I am new to this group and have recently bought a 2011 Model Fiesta Titanium. I have looked into upgrading the sound system and have been bombarded by posts about how changing the Speakers is a bad idea due to the possibilities of either degrading the sound quality because the amplifiers cannot compute for enhanced output, and it may affect the navigation or talk input system.

Has anyone got any experience with replacing their Speakers in the same model car that could possibly help me?


Many Thanks, 


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I changed mine to Hertz components from the sony premium ones in my Titanium. They are good but so too are the Sony ones as standard. In fact i put the Sony tweeters back in the front. Thing is sound in a car is such a personal thing, what sounds good for me might be like listening to james blunt for you. As for issues with anything else i didnt have any Nav audio is fine.

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