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Battery Management System

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Hi all,

I thought this might be useful for some and I am sorry if this has been mentioned in the forum before but I could not find anything.

I have a park heater on my Edge (factory fitted) and I received a message that the park heater could not start due to battery, so I charged the battery to full capacity (the battery was fully charged when I connected the charger but carried on to top it up) and all was well for 3 weeks. Low and behold I then received the same message, "park heater could not start due to battery", again I charged the battery and again 3 weeks later message came again. I also noticed that the stop/start was only rarely working.

I carried out a full battery check, including a discharge test, all figures show the battery to be in excellent condition and that is when I decided to dig deeper.

I looked into the battery Management System and realized that this most likely had never been reset since manufacturing (car is 3 years old) and batteries do deteriorate over time but does not mean that the battery is bad

I read on the interweb that you could disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for a certain amount of time to reset, this i was reluctant to do as I really did not know if my radio and such would also be reset (I could not be arsed to set everything up again is the honest truth), or alternately take the car to ford and let them reset with the software.

Then I stumbled on another forum with a couple of reset procedures for other Ford's that you can do by flicking a couple switches. In short, trial and error I found a procedure that anyone can do and this might help others.

To reset the battery Management System.

1: Turn ignition on but do not start the vehicle 

2: Flash your headlights 5 times

3: Press the brake pedal 3 times 

You should see the battery symbol on your dash flash 3 times, this means the procedure has worked.

4: Turn ignition Off

That's it and it has transformed by car. My park heater works no issues and the start/stop now kicks in more frequently. I have also monitored the battery since to ensure that there are no issues and all is hunk dory.

 Please note that this is not a replacement for those that have weak batteries and I strongly suggest that if you are having issues that you have you battery tested first!

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