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HEY GUYS, I am trying to find out the value of a 1989 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth left handed driver model that is located in the USA. the car was purchased by a ford executive and sent back when he came back. HE traded it in on another car and a family member bought the car from that dealer. It was driven for around a year and then health issues required a different car that was easier to get in and out of. Since then it has been sitting with the exception of being started a couple times and10 years ago was pulled behind the house and hasnt moved since. it ran and drove before it was parked in 1994 or so. I am considering buying it but am not sure what it is worht in case I run into any issues from sitting so long. I think the original wheels were replaaced by the executive bc it has a 5 poited staaar wheel trimmed in white accents to match the car. they appear different than all pics i have seen


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