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literially a day after i stop driving out 55 plate fiesta , the abs light has come on and we changed the fuse but it still stays on , so we took it to ford and thy have quoted us 1000 !!!!!!! pounds to fix !!! , its a pump appernently ! or offered us 3000 to trade it in, on a ka , its only a 55 plate with 35000 miles i think thts an awful price , ohwell i guess this is the main downfull to buying a ford , my friend has just traded in her vw golf s 1.4 fsi 2004 and got 5000 for it and it cost the same as the fez new as it a boggo golf !

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my dad had a merc clk 320 cost him 45 grand at first, traded few month ago it in for 7 and tht was a 05 plate... but a 07 rav 4 2.0 we had got the same price!

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