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Focus DA3 2010 1.6 TDCi | Damaged rear valance

Greg C

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Newly registered member posting here! 🙂 

I have a 1.6 TDCi 2010 DA3 Focus (I live in Norway). This model is equivalent to the Zetec S Mk II I believe?

Anyway, long story short the other day I managed to damage the rear valance under the bumper - unfortunately by backing into a pile of snow / ice 😞!! I have spent days trawling through all of the usual selling sites etc in an attempt to source a spare used part, but currently they seem to be like rocking horse manure...! At least ones in fairly good condition anyway. Of course you can still buy them new, but the genuine Ford kits that I have seen are around £300, and then obviously they have to be primed and painted etc. I just want to order a used / reconditioned part that can be fitted quickly and easily - if that's possible?

So, my question is, can anyone recommend a breaker or supplier who could supply me with this part? Obviously they would need to be willing to ship to Norway. The valance that I have appears to be just the standard grey colour (rest of the car bodywork is black). I think the valance OEM is 1517906.

This is probably a bit of a long shot but thanks for you help anyway.


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Hello Greg, I think it very unlikely that anyone here in the UK will be able to offer anything that will be cost effective. It will probably cost £70 in postage and then you you will have to pay import tax (we are not in the EU 😀).


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I'm not familiar with your exact model/year, but if your valance is "standard grey" does it need to be primed and painted? Won't it come "standard grey"?

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