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Ford Fiesta s 125 (2010) Starting problem


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Hi, pulling my hair out with my Fiesta not wanting to start. Pretty sure its a fuel issue, but don't know why. The pump does prime, but the spark plugs are dry on turn over.

I have a ttached the readout from the code reader. Any help would be much appreciated.


20220124_200420 (2).jpg

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Try doing the TPS relearn on the service procedures, if the car doesn't know where the throttle is it doesn't enable the injectors

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Thanks Benjamin, I have just tried resetting it in the service procedures. It said completed, but no joy unfortunately.

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On 12/17/2021 at 11:28 AM, DaveT70 said:


That's what the codes are saying.

Replace fuel with fresh fuel

Disconnect battery earth with ignition on, leave on

Leave 10 minutes, whilst disconnected turn on/off headlamps and press brake pedal a few times

Reconnect earth with ignition still on

Get in car, close door, key out, open and close door

Handbrake on, A/C off, seatbelt off, FEET OFF PEDALS

Start engine - do not touch pedals

Leave engine to run for 10 minutes - do not touch pedals

Turn on A/C - do not touch pedals

Leave engine to run for one minute

Key out, open and close door

Should be OK



The above is from @DaveT70 he may be able to offer you advice with your start / throttle problem

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