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Driver side electrics tripped


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Issue cropped on our newly purchased 63 plate S Max Titanium:
  • My wife unlocked the car yesterday, held the unlock button on the fob, which unwound all of the windows. 
  • She then stalled the car when attempting to drive away.
  • She restarted the car and drove away.
  • She then tried to close all of the windows using the driver side door controls, however nothing works via those controls (windows or mirrors), plus the light that comes on when you open the car door is no longer working
  • The window controls on the other doors of the car do work, so she wound those up.
  • She then managed to get the driver side window up by holding down the button on the fob.


Any ideas what this could be and how it can be fixed?

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Well seem to have established that the Global Open and the Global Close feature works perfectly well. So the problem is most likely just the drivers door switch pack is faulty.

You should be able to find a good used replacement on eBay for less than £30

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