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Are the o-rings in the Mk2 AC system standard sizes?


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As the title says. There appears to be a leak in the AC system pipe joint by the driver's side headlight. The green UV leak detector dye is visible at the joint.

The parts diagram lists "O-Ring 9.19 x 2.62, Orange" as needed to seal that joint.

Is that a standard size, or does it have to be ordered from Ford?

I am aware that AC system o-rings are green, and regular black NBR ones are not suitable.

With the system depressurised, it looks like it wouldn't be that difficult to replace.



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I would  ordered from Ford as they will find the right ones 🙂

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Orange Aircon O-rings are usually made of silicone. Green Aircon O-rings are usually made of Viton.

When selecting the correct O-ring you need to know the dimensions (inner diameter and cord thickness), material (NBR, Viton, Silicone, etc.), and hardness (Shore hardness scale).

In any doubt it is highly recommended to use the original O-rings. Especially since Ford does not specify material and hardness of the original O-rings which makes it difficult to select the correct aftermarket alternative.

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Thanks for the replies.

I can order an original through the Ford UK eBay shop for £5.03 including postage.

I thought that an air con specialist might have a suitable one if it is a standard type.


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