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Throttle To Intake Manifold


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I have removed the EGR valve pipe on my Focus 2013 TDCI 1.6L Duratorq CR TC (115PS) to checked if its blocked and have found quite a bit of oil in there! When I put my finger in the Throttle To Intake Manifold pipe I could scape big lumps of oil and soot out.


The thing is I cant see where its coming from, when I checked the pipe from the throttle body its clean so it just seams to be in the egr valve pipe and the Throttle To Intake Manifold.


The other problem I have is I cant get the manifold off to clean it, there doesn't seem to be a way of getting the 9P784B bolt out, its stuck behind a bracket. Does the whole EGR cooler have to come out?

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