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Automatic Headlight does not work


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if i switch the lightswitch in Automatic, the headlights are always on, even when the sun is shining.

the garage told us that they need to replace an electronic module. Does anyone know which part i need to replace?

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On 12/6/2022 at 8:28 PM, alanfp said:

Just checking... with switch in "O" position do they come on with the engine? 

They come on when I start the engine.

but with the light switch in Auto, they only should come on when it is dark.
can it be some problem with a light sensor behind the rear view mirror on the windscreen?

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I'm not absolutely sure that you have answered my question, but if they come on when you start the engine with the switch at "0" then I believe your car is in Scandinavian mode where the lights DO come on every time you start the engine.  They will also come on when in "Auto" regardless of ambient light.

You may choose to keep it as it is, but it can be changed - see this thread....


HOWEVER, depending on which country you are in you may have to keep it as it is to comply with the law.


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Yes I agree, I would strongly suspect that the lights have been set to Scandinavian mode. This is not a fault and nothing is broken or need replaced, it is a simple software setting that can be changed using FORScan.

What country are you in ? What country did the vehicle originally come from ?

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