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Mondeo MK4.5: Bluetooth OBD Adapter not reading error codes

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Mondeo MK4.5: bluetooth OBD Adapter not reading error codes after Ford service reset engine errors and removed power limitation

During my vacation I got engine errors and my power was limited forcefully, so I stopped at a Ford service and they told me that my DPF filter was clogged and they removed the errors and somehow even the power limitation, telling me that it will help me to get home without the power limitation and that the errors will reappear after about 250 km.

Well, after they intervened, my instant and median fuel consumptions were no longer indicated, as well as the km until empty, nor was I able to read anymore the engine errors with my bluetooth OBD interface, which now only sees ECU#1, not as well ECU#2 and ECU#3 as before.

Their diagnosis read a DPF_LOAD of 347% and a DPF_SOOT_LD of 300%, but they were not able to find the root cause.

The engine errors resurfaced after more than 500 km, but without the power limitation, and pulling in at another Ford service, closer to home, they found the root cause to be the cracked intercooler, but strangely their soot load reading was exponentially lower: DPF_LOAD of 38% and DPF_SOOT_LD of 300%.

What could that Ford Service have done so that my bluetooth OBD interface does not read the error codes anymore and only sees ECU#1?

I've attached the Mondeo Technician View After Fault.

EAG40757 - Mondeo Technician View (After Fault).txt

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Hi Daniel. I'm surprised you haven't got FORscan. Look on eBay. It's basically the Ford diagnostic program. Knocks spots of your bluetooth adapter. 

Maybe the technician who first saw to your car didn't really know what he was doing and it was subsequently corrected by the latter technician. 

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