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Engine Pulsing when Cold (after cambelt was changed)


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I have a problem with my 2002 focus 1.6 automatic (it has done 88000 miles).

When the engine is cold (once started), it feels as though it is pulsing (wont move forward in a smooth & steady fashion (a bit jerky).

But once over 10mph, it stops unless you go below 10mph & once warmed as well.

I have also noticed that when the interior light is on, that pulses too when the engine is cold.

This only happened once I had my cambelt changed at 75000 miles (noticed it straight away).

The garage that done it, is a very close family friend & they have checked it over since I noticed & said that is looks fine & was a easy job to do with no hitches or mistakes.

I would really appreciate it, if anyone knew what the problem is with it, as the car needs servicing in 1000 miles.

Thanks very much.

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Just thought I would put the answers to the problems I have encountered to the threads I have wrote because I found this website a lot better then ffoc & people pointed me in the right direction.

This website gives out free advice which is better then asking a question (when your not a paid member) on ffoc and getting your posts removed. Not parting with your money makes some clubs get petty & unhelpful (when you might only need help on a small problem)!

Thanks Ford Owners Club for your responses :D


The way this problem was resolved was by a Ford garage (strictly speaking it is “Rapid Fit” next door to the Ford garage) telling that my HT leads need replacing.

HOWEVER! The problem could be temporarily resolved by and I quote “Spraying the 4 HT leads rubber housing with a bit of WD40” (no need to take the HT leads out).

Dagenham motors in Woodford Green (Essex) which I would recommend, said the problem was that moisture was getting inside the HT leads & by spraying a bit of WD40 on the outside of each of the leads, it seals it up, causing less moisture to get in.

They have done that on my car & it has resolved by problem (only noticed it once after it rained during the whole day.

I have yet to change the HT leads, which should eradicate the problem.

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