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Fusion 1.4 Duratec

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Hi. Im new to forum as seems like the best place for info so hope someone can help.

A friends fusion started stalling at junctions a couple weeks ago ( she put it down to her driving) then the other day it stopped and wouldnt start again.

I had a look last night and everything seemed fine until i noticed there was no water in it. The oil seemed fine and not gunky as i suspect it has overheated and blew the head. It turns over ok and sometimes seems to almost start but wont.

Anyone have any ideas what it could be. And is there a workshop manual anywhere i can download.

Many thanks in advance


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I'd suspect the coil pack, check you've got a decent spark.

Out of water completely ? with this cold weather she must have noticed the heater wasn't working and the temp gauge probably going to max. Hopefully seeing that it turns over ok it hasn't done any permanent damage internally.

Good luck and I hope its something minor.

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