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Simply Ford - Ford Owners Club Meeting

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Ford Owners Club Meet at the Simply Ford event - May 1st 2011

We are proud to announce out first offical Ford Owners Club Club meet for 2011. This will be held on the 1st of May 2011 at Beaulieu Motor Museum in the New Forest.

I personally viewed the grounds of this event last year for the club and it is a fantastic venue and you guys are going to have a smashing time.

This meet will be part of the Simply Ford event that Beaulieu Motor Museum hold every year..

This event is for all types of Ford new and old! Our plan is to hold as many FOC cars as possible so please support us and attend this meet.

Tickets are normally £10 + £1 handling fee.

But if you use the booking code FORD2011 you will get £2 off the normal cost if you book through the club!

Book and see more info about Simply Ford Here!


If you have never been to Beaulieu Motor Museum before then you are in for a treat. Beaulieu Motor Museum is home to National Motor Museum,World of Top Gear and the James Bond Experience and loads more to see! So even if the weather is a bit ropey there is still tons you can do under cover with the family!

The Ford Motor Company will also kindly be displaying the Ford Supervan 3. Originally built in 1984 when it was 1995 Supervanknown as Supervan 2, this very special Transit was built on a Ford C100 race car chassis and originally powered by a mid-mounted Ford-Cosworth 650bhp 'HB' F1 engine. Supervan 3 first saw the light of day in 1995 and for the next few years, in its unique hand-crafted seven-eighths scale fibreglass body, it was used at special events up and down the country before being 'retired' in 2001. By then the F1 engine had been replaced for reasons of practicality by a Ford-Cosworth Pro Sports 3000 (V6) engine, which it retains today. Power is transmitted via a Hewland gearbox to the rear wheels. The top speed of Supervan 3 is estimated at around 150mph with acceleration which would not disgrace many sports supercars.

We are planning to meet up in the museum entrance and make a grand FOC entrance to the event. Please add your name to this thread and we will add your name to the grand FOC entrance!

You will need to book your tickets online directly with Beaulieu.

FOC will be meeting in carpark 2 @ 10am Please Feel Free To Join Us For Our Grand Entrance

Possible Attendee List

Luke Pompey





fishpond 47





dodgy alan







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This sounds like a good event, but i think the whole driving a Mazda would defeat the object for this sort of meet!

Good luck, i hope it's successful! :)

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This meet is for any ford, however big or small, this is a Foc meet as well.

Anyone can attend, their is a main car park if you don't have a ford, still loads to see

Let's Make a list of possible attendees

I am going to be getting a big club banner made up to represent foc :)

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i would love to come, dont think my little fiesta would make it all that way, i think it would make on the out skirts of london from spalding i think it might die if i bring it lol

well i'm possbily going from spalding if your interested?

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Thanks to FOC for the email about this event, I've been to two events here already with another ford club (fpocuk, ford probe owners club) now another probe owners club (ukpoc) have also advertised this event on there site, so you can count me via the FOC site as it would be good to meet some members new and old, when do you need confirmation by and payment as I'm typing this from South Africa at the moment, dont worry I'll be back in time lol


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ok guys, i have made a possible attendee list on the first post, just for numbers sake

This is good, looks like its going to be a promising meet for FOC and brilliant support from you guys.

I will try and get some merchandise, we dont have mass amounts due to cost, but we'll try and get some stuff.

good to put some names to faces.

The trick is that we all meet up in the main car park (its big) then all convoy on the grounds so we all get together, we can then do a club meet photo and display this on the club meets page.

rock on!

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I was down beaulea last week for a few days away im rather annoyed i wont be able to come with you guys but exams right at the same time and final year uni aint got no time atall, it is brill their and they have some nice old Fords in their museum and of course the Mondeo from Casino Royale. Let me know next time and i will try to come.

I will say you have to be so careful getting their, ponys everywhere!

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Any ford are welcome mate, FOC is about Ford Ownership and we are grateful your helping represent the club mate!

I probably mentioned it before, but good to keep mentioning it is that we will all meet in the main car park at the entrance, then all convoy in together.

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