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Focus Passenger Door Locking Problem

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Hi there i have a Ford Focus Mk1 1.6 Petrol 3Dr, a problem occured this morning that i hadn't noticed before. When i lock my car via remote or key only the driver side door will lock, indicators flash as if everything is normal however if i walk around to the passenger door i can just simply open it. I can't lock it from the inside either as the button seems jammed and obviously only driver side door has a key lock and the passenger door still opens asif its not locked. I have taken it to various garages and they seem to be money hungry and wont even look at it without £20 i was wondering if there was any kind people willing to help..

All comments appreciated. Sam.

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Could be a frozen locking mechanism. Somewhere on the forum, someone had this issue on there driver door, take a look on the ford focus side of the forums and you could find the answer / suggestions to take a look at! If I can find the link I will post it...

Here it is: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18343&st=0&p=111106&hl=+door%20+lock&fromsearch=1entry111106

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Appologise for the thread being in the wrong section, thanks for the link.

Im sure we can forgive you, but it might cost £20... lol

Well I hope that it helps, and saves you a few more quid!

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