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Tddi Pulling At Loew Speed After Taking Foot Off Pedal


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Got the car shortly before christmas - when crawling in traffic there is a very noticeable delay between taking your foot of the accelerator pedal and the car starting to slow (sometimes it's even trying to accelerate). Worst right down at 1000rpm. Often you can hear the change in engine note 2-3 seconds after moving your foot.

Haven't tried/tested much yet. I did try to see the difference between droping the clutch when it's pulling liek this and just pulling it out of gear without touching the clutch. If you just pull it out of gear the revs spike from 1000rpm to over 1500rpm them die back to idle - dropping the cluch produces only a little spike. Leads me to conclude that the ECU is actively injecting and trying to maintain speed (but when it sees the clutch swicth signla it goes to idle) - rather than unburt fuel (or oil) in the manifold causing the pull.

Not sure where to go from here - not that annoying (I have adapted a little I expect) - but at times it does feel a little unsafe to have the car actively pulling.

Any ideas?



P.S. No faults reported/logged.

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What year is the car? could be the accelerator assembly. there have been faults reported here before where people have replaced the assembly around the throttle, and its helped. do a quick search on the forum and hopefully you will find it!

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