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Fiesta Noisy Air Con/fan


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Hi everyone. I've got a 2010 Fiesta Zetec S and when using the air con I have to turn it up to at least number 3 to feel the benefit. But it sounds quite loud - even more so from outside the car. But my question is (and at the risk of sounding really dim) does the air con use the main fan on the radiator to operate? Cos I've had the bonnet up and the main fan runs at the same time. Or is my car running hot cos the fan seems to be running a lot lately (hard to tell with no temp gauges anymore!). Any help is appreciated. Cheers. Mark.

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Same fan for both mate, also a fault on ford's design is the large sub frame bar in front of the radiator preventing air flow,

had they positioned this beam at 45o instead of 90o it would have forced air in harder and been more benefit rather than dispersing the air over the radiator,

and most cars have 1 fan for A/C and one for cooling the engine, i myself was going to buy a fiesta till i heard of high temps and the use of 1 fan for all, i dug deeper and bought a focus.

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