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Possible Tdci Problem


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Hi all,

I think I've got a problem or a start of a problem with my 1.8 mk2.5 focus tdci.

When I put the engine under load, I'm getting more black smoke than usual, not excessive amounts but it's noticeable.

I haven't had any problems with lack of power, everything seems fine in that department but I have got a drop in mpg.

I've usually always got between 45-48mpg on average over a tank yet the last few tanks I've been getting under 40mpg even though I'm now driving more conservative due to the arrival of my baby daughter 3 weeks ago.

The car is an '08 plate 1.8tdci focus zetec mk 2.5 and has done about 48k miles.

Any ideas what could be causing the increase in smoke/drop in fuel efficiency?

Any help is appreciated



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Hmmm - I take it that is noticable during the day time (i only notice the smoke at night in the headlights of cars behind me) so assume that its a lot more than usual to actually notice it.

I am no expert but may just be a bit of carbon build up - the EGR valve can be a issue. You could try some BG244 - this you spray into the engine and helps to remove deposits on the EGR valve. There is a thread on here were i used it, asked some questions and posted some pics which will help if you can find it.

Alt - how the service history?? Maybe a fuel filter or air filter etc could do with being replaced??

Sure others will suggest other possibilities soon :)

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do you hear a whooshing sound when accelerating? turn your blowers off and it will sound like they come on when you accelerate. i had a lot of black smoke and this was a symptom...

if it does your problem is a split in the turbo air intake.

in the engine as you look on the left hand, at the top, is a pipe which is about 2 inchs and bends 90 degrees from the 6 o'clock position to the 3 o'clock position. inside this bend could be the split.

just an idea at best to try and help

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Thanks for the replies guys.

John, I've not noticed any whooshing sounds but will double check in the morning.

I don't seem to have any noticeable drop in performance so I'm thinking more along the lines of the egr valve or egr boost pipe.

Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to remove the egr on the mk2.5 focus? Do I need to take half the engine apart? Lol

I'd prefer to remove it to clean it thoroughly if possible but if it's too much messing about I might have to try clean it in situ using screwdriver and egr cleaner spray.


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