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Fiesta Silver1.4


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Hey guys, im just past the 1 year mark of a 4 year deal on my new fiesta. I was have heard that i can pay half of the price etc and basicaly hand the car back after i pay over half? or something on the lines.

I have a friend, who has a 4 year deal on a new clio. He is only 7 months in and he was looking for a new astra. He has been told by the garage that they will need £100 deposit and "blar" /month & will also buy out the rest of his agreement.

From what i understand, i didnt think you could do that. I was looking to hand my 1.4 in next jan for an ST or somthing along the lines. But most probably to a seperate dealer ( i got mine from ford)

Will i be able to use my car a a part ex/sell the agreement and get another or how does this type of thing work? if there is anybody with experience who can explain it in english to me lol i would be greatful.

Thanks rob.

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