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Jack And Axle Stand Advice

English Electric

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Hi everyone, I am a new member and this is my first post. I own a 2003 Focus C MAX 1.6 petrol Zetec and am looking at doing various tasks on my driveway like brakes.

After much searching around I still have a lifting issues unresolved.

Question 1:

I still cannot find a definitive guide (specific to 2003 CMAX) on using a trolley jack/axle stand combo safely. I know that using the recommended sill positions is good for jacking and resting on the axle stands, and ideally I would like to use the sill positions for the stands, for stability.

Seeing as you can't use the sill for both jack and stand at the same time, where are the strong recommended places underneath? I know it's asking a lot but a pic would be fantastic.

Question 2:

Seeing as there is only 145mm clearance between the welded seam and the drive, and most cheapish jacks start around 140mm, I was thinking of getting a low profile (80mm) jack with a rubber hockey puck for protection. Is this a good way to go??

Question 3:

Daft question but valid. My drive is block paved. Will a trolley jack manage to adjust itself as I am jacking without the castors getting stuck in the grooves between the bricks, or will the pressure move the wheels over the grooves OK. If they do get stuck, would it be OK to put the jack on a sheet of plywood or similar?

Question 4:

Are the ratchet style axle stands safe enough? I have ruled out foldable ones as I don't trust the concept. I am looking at traditional ones i.e. ones that you put the locking pins through.

Finally, I know some people will recommend ramps, but I want to have wheels off, so no ramps.

Thanks in advance

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To answer 2,3 and 4 as I don't know specifics on the C max.

I use a low entry trolley jack which is about 90 with a rubber pad - far better than anything I have used in the past.

Yes the wheels will move on the blocks, I would use a thin piece of plywood or similar under the jack otherwise it will be a pita

Ratchet axle stands are fine, I use 2 + 3 tonne stands without issues, I find they are better than the pin type as they have more positions

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