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My Fiesta Mk7 With Its Recent Updates - 56K/data Warning


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I've been on here for a bit now and haven't posted any proper pics of my car, I was going to create a gallery but cant see to work out how, so after delaying the picture taking until I had finished my recrnt updates and then finally getting round to cleaning it, I thought i would post a thread instead :D

I will grab some more pics of the interior (including a night one) and post them once I have cleaned the inside too, haha.

Recent additions from stock:

  • Chrome grille trim (thanks to rojariggs for saying where to get 'em)
  • Front & Rear Mudflaps
  • Front Wind Deflectors
  • Illuminated Gear Knob
  • Leather handbrake
  • Boomerang XT Armrest
  • Stainless Steel Scuff Plates
  • Aluminium Pedals







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I'm currently sorting out a few things with the Sony head unit I've installed, so interior pics are still waiting (as I want to show before and after). But another recent update is that I have fitted an engine cover! I wrote up a guide for anyone interested:





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Can you help me about this chrome grill trim? Where did you bought it? I just can't find it on ebay. I found it two days ago for 24 dollars, but I forgoten where.

This is the one I bought, but the listing has ended:


You may be able to contact the seller to see if they can still get it, otherwise it might be possible to get the trim from a 2012 Fiesta Titanium

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