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What Tyres Should I Buy?


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I drive a Ford Focus Zetec Climate, 57 plate and need advice on buying tyres.

I currently have Uniroyal Rain on which I feel are the best tyres I've had so far but wanted to check if there are any better or equally good tyres out there a bit cheaper.

I drive approx 100 miles per day on motorways and country roads so I drive at high speed and lots of corners (not at the same time lol).

I've phoned the garage today for a quote and they have suggested the following:

Uniroyal Rain £130 each (Incl fitting, balance and vat)

Kuhnos £86.80 each (incl fitting, balance and vat).

I don't know much about cars - that's why I pay the garage and breakdown.

I want a good all rounder with good grip and long lasting.

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.


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Screw the reviews there not based on your vehicle exactly and comparing size for size, uniroyals will give you fantastic grip in the wet but due to the pattern will create more road noise and lower mileage return compared to kumho which tend to be good on mileage and dry weather grip but fall a bit in wet weather, if you want something that's good all round buy Michelin primacy 3.

Take the info how you want but this is the kind of info I give out everyday as part of my job as assistant manager at a retail tyre depot in brackley.

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i have conti sport 3's, good in dry, quite on the road, imo crap in the wet, just a little throttle whilst turning you spin n slide. when i come to change im going for kumho ku39 as they have good review in the wet grip, quiet and fairly a hardwearing tyre and are approx 80 per corner fitted....

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I always LOVED my Conti Premium contact 2's, seemed outrageously sticky in the dry, very confident in the wet, but the tread did seem to wear out faster than other brands. Also, totally rubbish for the 6 days of snow we seem to get in the spring...

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Don't think you can do better than Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2. I've got them on both sets of wheels and are totally predictable and reliable no mater how mad you get. Never skrimp on tyres and always buy the best you can afford. They're the last piece of the chain between you and a wall.

Reviews: http://www.tyrerevie...symmetric-2.htm

Just my opinion.

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I'm currently working on www.neednewtyres.com.

I'm a freelance webdesigner.

I can speak to Nick, the owner and see if they can offer an exclusive discount to FOC if anyone is interested?


Aha! So you are responsible...


I know this is a little OT, but your website does one of the things that annoys the c**p out of me. So, I fill in my tyre details, my postcode, etc and I tell it to search. it says we don't have a fitting service in your area (...so, how close do you get...might it be somewhere I'd drive to, or somewhere I'd drive past regularly....no clue) and then I can go back to the original page. Of course then I have to fill in my tyre details and postcode all over again, and at this point I won't buy tyres from this site unless they are spectacularly cheap.

This is not the mood that you wanted to create, I suspect.

Why can't you either

  • retain the details, filled in as defaults, when you go back th=o the original page
  • make the button on the 'no fitting service in your area' page a 'we don't have a fitting service in your area, continue to a search of delivered prices with the existing tyre details' button.

...at least you didn't make me select the speed or load rating rating before I could run a tyre search


My Mondeo came on (mostly worn) Conti Sport Contact 3. While you can really lean on them without them getting nervous and edgy, if you do the wear rate does go up. I haven't noticed any big problem in the wet, except, being mostly worn tyres, they are a lot more susceptible to aquaplaning than fresh, out of the box, ones. OTOH, they really, really, weren't any good in the snow. Maybe, being relatively wide (235) is part of the issue, but it was really as if they had just given up as the temperature went down. Ones for people who change onto winter tyres, maybe?

If you are still looking for a website, I can recommend 'tyre shopper'; their prices may seem a couple of quid more expensive than some sites, but that is with delivery to a tyre fitting centre and fitting, so it often works out cheaper overall than sites that make you pay for the fitting and delivery separately. Other good sites are Camskills, Pneus Online, Lovetyres, Blackcircles, etc, etc (some others are rated here).

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