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2007 Mondeo Tdci Spare Key?

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Good morning everyone,

I recently brought my mondeo and it did not come with a spare key, it is a 2007 old shape car.

I have taken a look around the forums to find how/where to get a spare key from but am returning to you as I could not get a conclusive answer. It seems you are able to buy blank keys that need reprogramming, can anyone give me some solid advice where to buy a blank and where I can get it reprogrammed-and the cost?

thanks in advance!

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if you arent confident yourself, contact your local auto locksmiths. They can provide a key, cut and code as necessary and for a reasonable cost in most instances. If you wanted to do it yourself, you could buy a blank key from ebay with all electronics and chips, take it to timpsons or likewise and get it cut. There is a method in the Focus which involves putting the new key in the ignition and flicking between 0 and III on the barrell several times to code the key to the car. Not sure if the mondy's have the same practice though...

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I'm pretty sure that Ford removed self programming after a certain date but for the life of me can't find a definitive date.

That system still required both original keys anyway so would be a non starter from the start.

I agree that you need to go to an Auto Locksmith, they will cut and code the key for you and at a fraction of what Ford dealers will charge.

You can programme the key to the central locking yourself, but the immobiliser needs programming with an VCM IDS tool. (Vehicle Communication Module / Integrated Diagnostic Software).

It will take about 30 seconds to programme the system for which Ford will charge at least an hours labour.

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Many thanks for the reply's chaps, I will give some local locksmiths a call.

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