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First time I have had to use the car in really bad snow and I wasn't impressed.

I have had a few cars and all have been ok to poor in the snow but this one seems to take the biscuit.

Had to result in using the snow socks which I must say are worth there weight in gold. My car was totally stuck no chance of getting out and at 5.15 in the morning I was by myself. Well put them on which took a while but managed it and was out on the first attempt.

The question I was going to ask is that I have a set of decent Dunlop tyres on with loads of grip but they don't help at all yet on my previous cars I went for the mid to budget tyres which to me seemed alot better in the snow.

Now would you guys say it s more down to tyres budget being better in this case or do you guys have the same problem with focus being very very poor in the snow no matter what tyres you have on.

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I had the same trouble in the snow,

You need to switch off ESP in snow conditions, to allow you spin the wheels and prevent your wheels from locking up causing you to skid.

ESP can be switched off via the centre screen,

You must be parked then scroll through the menu to switch esp to off, much better.

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Tried turning the eps off but to be honest it didnt make much difference.

Think I'll just have to use my snow socks more often until I need some new tyres.

Can't afford a spare set of snow tyres.

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it isnt really a spare set, you use them for maybe 4-5 months a year and the normal tyres the other 6-7 months, so the winter ones last you 3-4 years, this way both sets of tyres will last you the same length of time as buying a second set after the first set goes bald

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