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Covering Cars On Public Road

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As the title say. The question is, can i cover up my car on public roads and leave it for couple days, the car is taxed and insured with a valid tax disc on display.

I will be painting the brake calipers, as i don't have a drive way and i won't want to leave the car exposed to the elements while the wheels are off i want to wrap it all up!

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i would not know the letter of the law , buat as it's taxed and insured your perfectly legal for being on the road , and i can't see a problem with it being covered.

"i was keeping the Frost off officer" :)

I don't think there is a problem with it , i would do it if i needed too.

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You may have to keep the number plates visible so it can be checked for insurance, mot etc. Saying that it may need to show a bit more so they can check it matches the details from dlva.

It could be a stolen top of the top of the range model but with basic standard number plate nicked off a legal car.

It may be a bit iffy depending what mood the police are in that see it.

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As long as the vehicle is road legal, taxed and insured then you're fine.

If an Officer gets curious all he'd have to do is lift the cover enough to check the VRN and he'd get all the relevant information from a PNC check anyway.

Only time you might get trouble is if you're in a resident only parking area and need a valid permit displayed.

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