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Help With Fitting Thermostat Fiesta 2005


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Hi everyone,

Following on from my last post re car cutting out its seems that the thermostat is sticking and needs replacing.

I have managed to get a replacement thermostat and the shop said it was fairly easy to replace it myself so as to save money but unsure as to the best way to fit. I know i need to remove the alternator but would appreciate some guidance as to the correct order to do things in. Have done a google search but can only find details for younger or older models of my car!!

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance


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i would get a haynes manual for your car it will guide you through most repairs and also give you the order in wich to remove things they usualy cost about £20 but can save hunderds in garage bills i haventworked on your model as yet but themostats are pritty easy to change

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thanks andy, i wanted to get a manual when i got the part but the shop didnt have any :-( will have a looksy on eBay, no doubt find a 2nd hand one somewhere

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