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Mk2 Focus Parking Sensors Not Working


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Hi All

Wonder if anyone can help with this?

The parking sensors on my Focus has stopped working here is what I have done to trouble shoot so far.

  • Listened to see if they are clicking when in reverse (they are not)
  • Cleaned sensors with water and toothbrush (heard this helps)
  • Checked reverse light is on ( it is)
  • Checked all fuses

So sometimes I get a long beep when I put in reverse which then stops and sometimes I get nothing.

I suspecting the controller is duff, but where do I find it?


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Check each sensor , by unplugging one at a time and repeat your test , just incase it's a faulty sensor casuing it.

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Thanks people, right before I go pulling out the boot trim think I will give Preee's idea a go, how do I get the sensors out.

Yes factory fitted parking sensors

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You can just lie under the car, and reach up to each sensor, and unclip the wiring connection You don't need to remove them, although that is also easy, as there is a plastic clip to release, and they then slide out towards you.

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Can anyone tell me if my 2011 focus has parking sensors please. I have had my car for over 2 years and I thought that it just didn't have them but I now realise that older models do as do 2012 basic specs models. 

Do I have them and they just aren't working? 

Many thanks 


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Crikey! 8 years since the last post on this topic. :ohmy:

You can easily check if your car has them by looking for the sensors in the rear bumper.

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Apologies for yet another resurection ----------- parking sensors are dead, no tone when reverse selected, no click putting fingers etc near any of the sensors, being low mileage i wouldnt have thought the module was at fault so opted for a fuse, the reverse light is fine, struggling to find location, possibly footwell but which number guys and gals please.

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